Water Moccasin

Basic Information

The water moccasin is also called the cottonmouth.They have a flat, triangular head, vertical pupils, and most are olive and tan in color.Some are black with thick bodies, striped bands and yellow bellies.When cottonmouths sense danger they open their mouths wide to frighten the enemy. The inside of their mouths are white and look like cotton, hence the name.They live near bodies of water and are semi-aquatic.They are found in the southeastern United States.Their diet consists of mostly fish, but also frogs, toads, rodents, and salamanders.They mate in early spring and the female will have one to sixteen live babies that are able to secrete venom at birth. They are nocturnal and most active at night. Their young have bright colors with fluorescent yellowish green tails.

Fun Facts

  • Water moccasins can bite while underwater.
  • They cannot hear but pick up vibrations from the ground.
  • Their life span is up to 20 years.
  • Their color patterns fade with age.
  • The Water Moccasin can be distinguished by its “raccoon” marking from the eyes to the back of the jaw.