Basic Information

Skunks are mammals best known for their ability to excrete a strong, foul-smelling odor. General appearance ranges from species to species, from black and white to brown or cream colored. Skunks eat fruit, worms, insects, fish, snakes, and dead animals. A snake bite will not kill a skunk because they are immune to snake venom. Great horned owls will eat skunks and don’t seem to be offended by their odor. Their front claws are used to dig burrows for rooting for food. They are about the same size as a house cat. A skunk will stomp their feet and hiss to try to warn predators and if that does not work then they will spray. The oily liquid that the skunk sprays in defense is actually yellow in color. Most skunks have a limited amount of spray ability, about five to six full powered sprays and then it takes 10 days to replenish their supply.

Fun Facts

Skunks only live to be three years old. The skunk’s top speed when it runs is only 10 miles per hour. They have two to six babies (called kits), and those babies can spray when they are eight days old.