Coral Snake

Basic Information

Coral snakes exist in the southern range of many temperate regions of the United States. They can be found in pine and scrub oak habitats in parts of their range, but sometimes inhabit hardwood areas and pine flat woods that undergo seasonal flooding.They like to live under logs, in leaf litter, and in moist rotted wood and mulch. Coral snakes feed on other smaller snakes, both harmless and venomous.They also eat lizards, especially small skinks.They are also known to be cannibalistic, occasionally feeding on other coral snakes. The coral snake is mainly nocturnal, but can sometimes be seen in the early morning hours.

Fun Facts

Coral snakes are non aggressive. They actually are very shy and secretive. They account for less than 1% of snake bites in America. Their venom is a neurotoxin, which paralyzes the nerves. Coral snakes must chew on their prey to introduce venom into a victim’s system due to their small teeth.When threatened, a coral snake will curl the tip of its tail to confuse its attacker as to which end is its head. One good rule to remember is “red touches yellow, kill a fellow”.