Domestic Waterfowl

Basic Information

Domestic waterfowl has been introduced to water ways throughout the country.These species are not part of our normal native species.They were bred to live on farms for meat, and egg production with the exception of the muscovy which was introduced from Mexico.These species push out native species, and interbreed with native species causing hybrids.In some areas this cross-breeding is pushing some species to an endangered status.

Fun Facts

  • Pekin duck – The pekin duck is the most popular commercial duck. Ninety-five percent of all duck consumed in the United States is pekin duck. The first ducks arrived from China in 1873.
  • Chinese goose – It is most noted for the knob at the top of its head. The male’s knob is more pronounced, and even little goslings have the pronounced knob at six to eight weeks of age.
  • Embden goose – The embden goose is the most popular commercial goose. They reach mature size in just 12 weeks, can live up to 40 years, and are a 200-year-old breed from Germany
  • Muscovy – Now considered a feral duck and is found in nearly every state in the United States. It is a non-migratory bird laying eight to sixteen eggs three times a year.