Alligator Safety

Seeing an alligator can be concerning for many and a wonderful nature sighting for others. Alligators have inhabited Texas’ marshes, swamps, rivers, ponds and lakes for many centuries and are a large part of Texas’ history. There are occasions when certain alligators become a “nuisance” and must be handled by the proper authorities. Texas Parks and Wildlife is the only authority that can deem an alligator a nuisance and remove it from its natural habitat because of their protected status. Springtime is when alligators are most active; as the bigger male alligators are on the lookout for girl gators.

An alligator sighting is no cause for concern, but here is when you should notify Animal Services:

  • If you see an alligator in the roadway
  • You discover an alligator in your pool, lawn (and it does not have direct access to a body of water) or driveway
  • The alligator is repeatedly following boats, canoes or other watercrafts
  • or if you walk near the water and an alligator comes straight toward you, especially if it comes out of the water.

If you have other gator or snake questions you can call Animal Services at 281-275-ADOG (2364).

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