Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association

An exciting program offering citizens an opportunity help SLPD make Sugar Land safer. The Sugar Land Police Department's Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association (CPAAA) handles most volunteer opportunities that are administrative or clerical in nature - duties performed inside the Police Department's building on State Highway 6.

CPAAA Volunteer Opportunities

  • Clerical duties in the Police Department or Municipal Court
  • Warrant call-ups
  • Phone bank operating
  • Assistance with training
  • Child I.D.
  • Any other duty approved by the Assistant Chief of Support


Members of CPAAA attend 10 weeks of training in the Sugar Land Citizens Police Academy.

Who Benefits?

  • CPAAA enhances the operational efficiency of the Sugar Land Police Department through support of programs that contribute to the safety of citizens
  • SLPD is able to remove officers from administrative and clerical assignments and focus on officer-specific tasks. This directly impacts the delivery of services to citizens

Improvement to Quality of Life

Public safety is consistently ranked as one of the community's top priorities. This program enhances public safety services while teaching citizens the operation of the department. These citizens often become community advocates for the department, providing factual information to the community, and helping others understand how to access services.



Lt. John Volek,
Tony Manna, Antonio Manna,, President