Crime Victim's Compensation

Code of Criminal Procedure, Texas Crime Victims' Compensation Act, Chapter 56, Sub-chapter B.


To compensate residents of the United States who suffer personal injury or death as the result of a violent crime, including DWI, failure to stop and render aid, and certain other vehicular crimes.

Administered by The Office of the Attorney General, Crime Victims' Compensation Division, Austin, Texas.

Reasons for Compensation

Crime victims' compensation may be available to pay the amount of expense reasonably and necessarily incurred for:
  1. Medical, counseling, prescription and rehabilitative services
  2. Partial loss of earnings because of a disability resulting from personal injury, participation in the criminal justice process, or seeking medical treatment
  3. Child care for minor children to enable a victim or spouse of a deceased victim to continue employment
  4. Certain funeral and burial expenses
  5. Reasonable costs associated with crime scene cleanup
  6. Reasonable replacement costs for clothing or bedding taken as evidence or made unusable as a result of the criminal investigation of a sexual assault
  7. Travel expenses necessary to participate in the criminal justice process and/or seek medical treatment
  8. One-time payment of certain relocation expenses in domestic violence and sexual assault

Reimbursement for property damage or loss is not an eligible expense.


Qualifications for crime victims' compensation:
  • The crime must be reported to law enforcement within a reasonable amount of time unless there are justified extraordinary circumstances
  • The claim must be filed within three years, unless good cause can be shown as to why the claim wasn't filed
  • The victim must cooperate with law enforcement and prosecution efforts
  • The victim must be the innocent victim of a violent crime who suffers personal injury

The Victim Assistance Program of the Sugar Land Police Department will assist you in applying for benefits from Crime Victims' Compensation (CVC). Upon request, we will provide you with the claim form, will send the claim form and required documentation to Crime Victims' Compensation, and notify service providers that a claim has been applied for and is pending. Please allow us assist you in obtaining these benefits if you feel you may qualify.

Additional Information

For more information, view the Crime Victims' Compensation website. The Texas Office of the Attorney General's Crime Victims' Compensation Division phone number is 800-983-9933.