Development Application Handbook

The Development Application Handbook is the official document that states the procedures and requirements for the submittal and review of the subdivision and development of land in the City of Sugar Land and its extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ) as authorized in the Development Code of the City of Sugar Land. All applications, checklists, and submittal schedules for development can be found in the Development Application Handbook.

Section 1: Introduction
Purpose of Development Application Handbook
Overview of Development Process, Pre-Development Meetings and Submittal Procedures
Flow Chart: Development Process- Commercial
Flow Chart: Development Process- Residential

Section 2: Zoning
Zoning Types and Procedures
Flow Chart: Rezoning & Conditional Use Permit Process
Standard Rezoning Application
Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Application
Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Telecommunications Towers & Antennas Application

Section 3: Planned Development Districts (PD)
Planned Development District Information
Flow Chart: Planned Development District
Planned Development District Application

Section 4: General Land Plans
General Land Plan Information
Flow Chart: General Land Plan Process
General Land Plan Checklist
General Land Plan Application

Section 5: Plats
Plat Information
Flow Chart: Plat Process for Planning & Zoning
Flow Chart: Administrative Plat Process
Planning & Zoning Commission Plat Submittal Schedule
Plat Application
Preliminary Plat Checklist
Final Plat Checklist
Official Master Notes List for Final Plats in the ETJ & City Limits of Sugar Land
Plat Recordation Checklist

Section 6: Site Plans
Site Plan Package Information
Flow Chart: Site Plan Process
Site Plan Package Application Commercial & Multi-family Residential
Site Plan Package Checklist
Site Plan Package Application Townhomes

Section 7: Public Infrastructure Construction Plans
Public Infrastructure Construction Plans Information
Public Infrastructure Construction Plans Application
Public Infrastructure Construction Plans Checklist
Specific Approval Request Application

Section 8: Building Permits
Building Permits Information

Section 9: Variance and Special Exceptions

Special Exception Information
Special Exception Submittal Schedule
Special Exception Application
Variance Information
Variance Application