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Pre-Development Meeting Request Form

  1. The purpose of the pre-development meeting is to provide applicants an opportunity to present their project to City Staff, and then City Staff will provide feedback to applicants on the project to clarify submittal expectations and specific code requirements. The meetings are attended by staff from the following departments: Planning & Development Services, Engineering, Fire, Public Works, Environmental & Neighborhood Services, Economic Development, and Parks.

  2. Pre-Development Meetings are held each Thursday at 9:15 am and 10:15 am. Meetings are scheduled on a first-come first-serve basis and a maximum of two meetings are scheduled per week.

  3. A PDF copy of a proposed conceptual layout plan must be submitted with the Pre-Development Meeting Request Form.  Staff will not fully review the conceptual layout plan in detail, but it will be used to help familiarize staff with your proposal prior to the meeting.

  4. To schedule a Pre-Development Meeting, please fill out and submit this form. A representative from our office will contact you.
  5. Acknowledgement*
    I have provided the information requested in this form and understand that this meeting does not constitute City review for the purposes of approval or permit issuance. Upon submittal of the appropriate application(s) additional comments are to be expected that are not discussed in this meeting.
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