The Hill Area Residential (HR-1) Zoning District

The HR-1 zoning district is a residential zoning district for the neighborhood known as The Hill and was created with the adoption of the Development Code in 1997. This area is zoned differently due to the historic nature of the homes in this area, dating back to the 1920s when Sugar Land was a company town. 

In 2018, based on community feedback, the City initiated a project to engage The Hill residents and property owners in evaluating whether there is a desire to maintain the character of The Hill neighborhood. After a robust public engagement process, the project is now complete with the adoption of changes to the Hill Area Residential (HR-1) zoning district regulations. City Council reviewed and adopted changes to the HR-1 zoning district regulations on July 20, 2021.

HR-1 Residential Building Guide

The following document illustrates how the Hill Area Residential (HR-1) zoning district regulations, as adopted in July 2021, apply to new construction and additions. Access the document by clicking on the link below.

HR-1 Zoning District

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