Transportation & Mobility Innovation

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The city of Sugar Land Transportation & Mobility Innovation Division works extensively to provide a broad multi-modal transportation network for its residents. The priorities of the division include: 

  • Improve and enhance the mobility of people and goods that move within and through the City
  • Provide safe, connected, and accessible transportation options for residents, workers, and visitors
  • Expand collaborative mobility planning and implementation efforts among multiple City departments
  • Provide innovative mobility solutions for Sugar Land
  • Develop a mobility simulation model to evaluate the City's existing and future transportation system

Major Thoroughfare Network & Pedestrian and Bicycle Network

The Major Thoroughfare Network is a pivotal factor in shaping mobility decisions, serving as a vital tool for the City and developers by defining corridor functional classification, right-of-way needs, and the location of new roadways where applicable. Additionally, the existing Pedestrian & Bicycle Plan's future network will guide roadway design through the application of Design Standards and serve as an essential input into the development of the Implementation Framework.

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