Traffic Management and Operations

  1. Neighborhood Traffic Policy

    The Neighborhood Traffic Policy aims to help address concerns about traffic conditions within local neighborhoods.

  2. Railroad Monitoring Systems

    Railroad Preemption, Wayside Horns, and the Railroad Monitoring System

  3. Roundabouts

    A roundabout can provide safety improvements by channeling traffic around the central island, and using yield signs to help reduce vehicle wait time.

  4. Traffic Management Systems

    Sugar Land's Traffic Management Systems include the traffic management center and the traffic responsive system.

  5. Traffic Signal Systems

    Learn more about Flashing Yellow Arrow Signals, Pedestrian Signals, Signal Detection Systems, Corridor Signal Synchronization, Emergency Preemption Devices, and School Zone Flasher Systems.

  6. Street Lights

    The City of Sugar Land recognizes the need to provide adequate street lighting along major thoroughfares.