Smoke Alarms

The Purpose of Smoke Alarms

A working smoke alarm provides early warning of a fire. Your chances for survival are two times better when smoke alarms are present than when they are not. Because the Sugar Land Fire Department is committed to life safety, we provide and install smoke alarms free of charge to any home (single family dwellings) within our fire jurisdiction. 

There are three main ways that we provide and install free smoke alarms:

  • Individual requests: any person living within the Sugar Land Fire Department’s fire jurisdiction may request this service.
  • Free home fire safety survey: during the course of a home safety survey, smoke alarms may be installed as needed. Also, smoke alarm batteries are replaced as needed.
  • Emergency responses: at the conclusion of most emergency responses to residences, firefighters check for smoke alarms and replace or install smoke alarms and/or batteries as needed

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Quick Facts

  • There are two main types of alarm sensor technologies: photoelectric and ionization. Both types monitor for smoke continuously
  • Smoke alarms should be replaced after 10 years of service, whether hard-wired, battery-operated, or hard-wired with a battery backup. “Be safe, replace"
  • Batteries should be replaced once a year, or when you change your clock, change your battery. Test all smoke alarms monthly

Following manufacturer’s directions for wall or ceiling placement, mount one smoke alarm outside each sleeping area (should be audible inside each bedroom with the door closed) and on each level of the home (minimum recommendations). The National Fire Protection Association recommends that you add a smoke alarm inside each bedroom for more protection. This is at the occupants discretion and cost.

This information was provided by the Sugar Land Fire Department.