Redevelopment is City Council’s No. 1 priority with a focus on the Imperial Historic District and Lake Pointe Plaza, currently home to Fluor.  Fluor is vacating their 1+ million square feet office building in July of 2024 so the city has been planning for their relocation and actively looking for new opportunities for the Lake Pointe Plaza site. Since the pandemic, the demand for office has declined and resulted in a desire for new and more modern spaces. Because of this, it is not likely the existing campus will be replaced or redeveloped for another office tenant, so we had to think about what’s next! With only 4% of developable land left and limited opportunities to grow the boundaries of our city – we must do the best with the land we have. The Lake Pointe Plaza area is a key Redevelopment area for our city and an incredible opportunity for the future of Sugar Land.  

The Proposal

On August 18, 2023, Planned Community Developers (PCD) presented their vision for redeveloping the Lake Pointe Plaza. PCD has the land under contract and a vision that thoughtfully integrates innovative concepts inspired by the site’s extensive waterfront, including an interactive wharf dining experience, novel high-density residential offerings, diverse entertainment venues, mature tree-lined streets, and an array of walking trails and parks.

Currently in the Lake Pointe area there are already two hotels, a thriving shopping center anchored by Whole Foods, urban homes and townhomes along the water and several office and event spaces.  A 380-unit multifamily project by the Morgan Group – The Pearl is also in the works.

Actions Taken by the Sugar Land City Council

During the July 19, 2023 City Council meeting, City Council gave direction to focus on the creation of a zoning district that will support the redevelopment of Lake Pointe Plaza, specifically. The creation of zoning regulations that support and encourage mixed-use development is key to redeveloping areas. 

During the December 19, 2023 City Council meeting, City Council took actions regarding the Lake Pointe Redevelopment District zoning district. The first action authorized an amendment to the Land Use Plan, increasing the designated number of multi-family units for the area. The second action amended the Development Code, and rezoned the property to the new zoning district which allows for a mix of uses to be built in compliance with the approved code.

Lake Pointe Redevelopment District Code

About multi-family units

The Land Use Plan designated 444 multi-family units for the Lake Pointe Regional Activity Center (RAC).  The City Council recently approved a development proposal for The Pearl at Lake Pointe to construct 380 multi-family units within this RAC. 

An increased number of multi-family units is required to make the Lake Pointe Plaza redevelopment financially feasible, therefore, an additional 700 units are needed. These additional units trigger the need for a Land Use Plan amendment to designate a total of 1,100 multi-family units for the ENTIRE Lake Pointe RAC.

Lake Pointe Updated

Meetings & Information

The rezoning process has been initiated and is now underway. Below are the meeting dates where the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council have or will take action related to the zoning. Also included in the timeline below are other related action items being considered to support the redevelopment. All are subject to change and will be updated as the project progresses.

Date Meeting/Activity
July 19, 2023 Joint City Council & Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting [meeting agenda] [meeting video]
September 28, 2023 Planning and Zoning Commission- Workshop #1 [meeting agenda] [meeting video]
October 26, 2023 Planning and Zoning Commission- Workshop #2 [meeting agenda] [meeting video]
November 14, 2023 Planning and Zoning Commission Public Hearing [meeting agenda] [meeting video]
December 5, 2023 City Council- Public Hearing & 1st Reading of Ordinances [meeting agenda] [meeting video]
December 19, 2023 City Council- 2nd Reading of Ordinances [meeting agenda] [meeting video]

Next Steps

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