Community Outreach

The City established two task forces to guide and provide input to the IWRP process: the City Council Task Force and a Citizen Task Force.

The Council Task Force was composed of three City Council members, Himesh Gandhi, Steve R. Porter and former Councilmember Harish Jajoo. In March of 2017, the 14- member Citizen Task Force was appointed by the City Council and the Council Task Force and represented a range of interests and backgrounds to guide the development of the IWRP. Each task force met separately, typically on a monthly basis over a period of approximately 24 months.

Establishing Objectives

The key component for the success of an Integrated Water Resource Plan is the development of objectives for the community. Objectives are broadly stated goals of the IWRP that drive the evaluation process. City staff developed the IWRP planning objectives through a series of workshops and presented them to both the Council Task Force and the Citizen Task Force. One of the key inputs of the Citizen Task Force was weighing of the objectives. In any decision-making process, objectives are generally not all equally important. Thus, developing a set of weights is necessary to better reflect the difference in priority among the various objectives.

The objectives and their weights can be found in the figure below.

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The IWRP Goals and Objectives