Integrated Water Resource Plan

In 2015, Sugar Land began to develop a comprehensive plan to meet increasing groundwater regulations in 2025. The city selected the Integrated Water Resources Plan (IWRP) process as the best tool for completing this planning effort. The IWRP allows the city to evaluate policies, management strategies, and capital improvement projects while building consensus and support from city staff, citizens, and council members.

A Comprehensive Approach

The IWRP process is used to evaluate a wide mix of water supply and demand management options while building consensus and support from decision makers and other stakeholders that will be affected by the recommendations. 

It expands on the traditional water supply planning methodology of only considering the cost and yield of new supplies, and incorporates community goals like reliability, protecting the environment and system efficiency.

The IWRP process includes the following:

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The IWRP Process

Through this process, the city was able to identify a preferred IWRP strategy composed of management strategies, operational policies, and capital projects.


Learn more about the process and recommendations:

Stay Informed!

The IWRP process will be discussed at City Council meetings. Agendas and meeting materials are available prior to the meetings. Meeting presentations and videos of discussion are available after the meeting.

Date Location
February 19 City Hall
February 26 City Hall
March 5 City Hall
March 19 City Hall

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