Construction Without Permits

Projects that involve altering, repairing, constructing, or moving a structure require a permit. It is the responsibility of the owner, not the contractor, to ensure the proper permit have been obtained before beginning construction. Please contact the Permits and Inspections Department at 281-275-2270 for more information about how to obtain permits.
Construction of an addition onto a building

High Grass & Weeds

Sugar Land property owners are responsible for maintaining the grass and vegetation on their property. This includes the front, back and sides of a yard. Grass and weeds need to be trimmed and maintained to prevent them from growing too high. Properties must have the weeds and grass trimmed to a height of 9 inches or less on any portion of the property. The code also applies to any public right-of-way or easement located on the property, including the area between a public sidewalk and public street / highway, as well as ditches / drainage channels.

Junked Vehicles

A junk vehicle is defined as inoperative, or unlicensed, or in a state of major disassembly, disrepair, or in the process of being stripped or dismantled for more than 72 hours, if the vehicle is on public property; or 30 consecutive days, if the vehicle is on private property.
Truck with trailer

Stagnant or Polluted Water

Stagnant and polluted water are breeding grounds for mosquitoes; therefore, property owners are responsible for keeping their property clear of stagnant or polluted water. Typical sources of stagnant water that should be monitored include pools that are in disrepair, storing tires outdoors, and improperly graded yards.

Swimming Pool Violation

The City of Sugar Land requires that a fence or some other type of barrier at least 48 inches in height from the ground be placed around all swimming pools and spas that have more than 24 inches of water in them. All gates and doors attaching to that fence must be self closing and self-latching.
Swimming pool filled with green water

Unsafe Structure

Homeowners and residents are responsible for maintaining their houses. All residents are required to maintain their property by keeping all exterior materials, including brick, wood, siding, roofs, glass, windows and doors free of holes and breaks. All wood surfaces are to be painted, protected from the elements and in good condition.

Unhealthy Condition of Property

It is unlawful for the owner of any property to knowingly keep or maintain any of the following conditions:
  • A dead animal
  • Accumulations of solid waste, dangerous materials or matter, or stagnant or polluted water
  • Accumulations of earth, rocks, concrete, waste building materials, or other construction debris left on the property that is not associated with on-going construction on the property
  • Any substance, matter, or condition that creates a foul smelling odor or fumes
  • Any other condition on the property which is unhealthy, unsanitary, or unwholesome, or reasonably interferes with the use and enjoyment of the property or adjacent property
Piles of trash and junk outside

Sign Violation

Signs in the city of Sugar Land must meet the following regulations; Should you have questions regarding these signage requirements, please contact the Planning Department at 281-275-2218.

Furthermore, the City of Sugar Land prohibits moving or portable signs, hand-held signs, and any type of moving illumination on signs.

Wind Device Signs

(Includes: Banners, Balloons, and Pennants)
  • Permit required
  • Can be displayed for a maximum of 28 days in a calendar year
  • Cannot be located in the right-of-way
  • Cannot exceed maximum building height

Stake Signs

  • No permit required
  • Sign cannot exceed nine square feet or be above four feet tall
  • Cannot be located in the right-of-way of a public street
  • Stake signs must be removed within three days of an event
  • No more than (2) signs on non-residential property at a time
  • Signs may not be located within 25 feet of another sign

Off-Street Parking

It is unlawful for any person to stop or park a motor vehicle, recreational vehicle, or trailer within the front and side yards of a residential property upon any surface other than an improved surface.

It is an affirmative defense to an off-steet parking violation that:
  • The person stopped or parked the vehicle on an improved driveway of a residential property
  • The unimproved driveway was in existence prior to the effective date of this ordinance
Vehicle parked on lawn