City Master Plans

Master plans and their amendments are coordinated with the Comprehensive Plan. A master plan prepares a municipality for future development or redevelopment of the city in its entirety, or of a specific geographic section of the city. It is subject-specific in that it identifies particular future public needed goods by type, needs are identified by growth projections and underlying basic assumptions related to anticipated trends. 

Master Plans

Annual Reports

Master plan annual reports are one tool the City uses to identify policy issues or significant efforts that the City should consider for inclusion in the City’s annual work plan.

The annual reports document the following for each master plan:

  • A progress report on implementation;
  • Identification of policy or other areas where greater attention or resources are needed; and
  • An evaluation of the need for an update to the master plan itself.

Each master plan is considered an element of the Comprehensive Plan. While a master plan should identify a specific list of actionable items, it is still a high level plan and can identify broad needs, including policy guidance, to be developed through future efforts. A copy of the FY19 Master Plan Annual Reports is linked here.


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