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Throughout the last four years, a citizen committee - the Land Use Advisory Committee - has been diligently working to update the Land Use Plan by developing policies that will guide future land use decisions. The Plan’s recommended policies aim to protect the city’s single-family residential neighborhoods while ensuring Sugar Land continues to be a premier place to live, work, shop and play within the region.

As the city continues to move forward with the plan update, this website will be updated to inform residents on its progress.

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Public Hearing on Land Use Plan Update to be held in Summer 2018

Land Use Advisory Committee (LUAC) work is continuing as the City Council is anticipated to receive an update workshop on the Land Use Plan this summer.  In order to maximize public input on the Land Use Plan, a public hearing on the Plan is anticipated to occur at the same meeting as the Council workshop to give City Council the opportunity to provide direction on the update prior to formal consideration of the Plan.

At the January 23 City Council meeting, City Council gave direction on an action plan for moving forward with the Land Use Plan Update. City Council asked the Land Use Advisory Committee to reconvene to review the multi-family recommendations in the draft Plan.  As part of the process, Council asked that LUAC consider feedback from the local business/major employer community on the topic of multi-family (which will be included with the four years of extensive feedback from residents), seek input on the plan’s recommendations from the development community and involve the Planning & Zoning Commission in the discussion.  After considering all of the input, LUAC should bring a recommendation back to City Council.   However, Council expressed that, though they have directed the Land Use Advisory Committee to have some additional discussion, it does not mean they expect the LUAC to ultimately change its recommendation.  

As part of the Land Use Advisory Committee’s work to finalize their recommendation on the Plan, the Planning & Zoning Commission is invited to attend upcoming LUAC meetings so that LUAC can further explain the draft plan, the Commission can further explain their recommendations, and both the LUAC and P&Z can have an opportunity to hear from a development expert regarding the feasibility of the Plan’s recommendations.  Additionally, the LUAC and P&Z will spend time reviewing the resident feedback received since the start of the project, updated multi-family data, and responses from a survey sent to the local business/major employer community.

The first LUAC meeting, with the Planning & Zoning Commission in attendance, is May 2 at 5:30pm.  At the meeting, staff will review the report and the development expert will be available to answer questions from the LUAC and Planning & Zoning Commission. A second meeting with LUAC and Planning & Zoning Commission is anticipated for May 7 to discuss the Plan’s recommendations.  LUAC will have a final meeting in May to finalize whether or not to make any changes to their recommendation in advance of providing it to City Council in the summer.

What does the plan say about...

Did you know?
Single Family Residential Neighborhoods
Sugar Land’s single-family residential neighborhoods are an important part of the city’s past, and protecting them is the primary focus of the future. This Plan prioritizes the preservation and protection of single-family neighborhoods in Sugar Land and encourages increased coordination with the school district.
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Mixed-Use Activity Centers
The success of Sugar Land Town Square is a model for future walkable mixed-use Regional and Neighborhood Activity Centers. Regional Activity Centers are proposed to attract visitors from around Sugar Land and the entire region. Neighborhood Activity Centers are proposed to be created through redevelopment of aging retail centers.
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Protecting Residents' Quality of Life
Maintaining amenities such as retail, restaurants, hotels, cultural institutions, parks, entertainment and recreational destinations are important in attracting residents, tourists and visitors. The Land Use Plan establishes policies to ensure Sugar Land will continue to be a premier place to live.
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Restrictions on Multi-Family Development
The Land Use Plan provides guidance for stronger restrictions on multi-family development, including a definitive statement that no new stand-alone, single-use, multi-family residential development within the city should be approved and that a school impact analysis should be completed when residential development is proposed.
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Redevelopment is critical to maintaining the long-term fiscal health of the city, but must always be balanced and considerate of the impact on any single-family neighborhoods. The Plan promotes redevelopment that supports the goals of the City and is respectful of the surrounding community.
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Read the Draft Land Use Plan

The Plan’s recommended policies aim to protect the city’s single-family residential neighborhoods while ensuring Sugar Land continues to be a premier place to live, work, shop and play within the region.

See the official draft document, maps that delineate specific areas in the city and their proposed use, and review the plan's goals and policies.

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From the Land Use Advisory Committee

"As a Land Use Advisory Committee member my goal has been to help the City update the Land Use Plan to ensure the current quality of life is maintained so that the future generations in Sugar Land can enjoy the quality of life presently enjoyed."

Ravi Arora, LUAC Member

What is LUAC?

Land Use Plan Highlights

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Residents are encouraged to participate and learn more about the Land Use Plan and Sugar Land's Future.

Oct. 11 Public Open House (See video)
Oct. 2 - Oct. 23         Online Town Hall
Oct. 26 Planning & Zoning Commission - Public Hearing
Nov. 14 Planning & Zoning Commission Agenda
Nov. 21 City Council - Workshop
Dec. 5                                              City Council - Workshop 
(Please note: The public hearing on the Land Use Plan update planned for the December 5th City Council meeting will be rescheduled  for early 2018. A new public hearing notice will be posted in advance of the rescheduled date.)
Jan. 18 City Council – Workshop
The scheduled Jan. 16 meeting has been postponed due to weather. The City Council meeting has been rescheduled for Thursday, Jan. 18, at 3:30 p.m. at City Hall.
Jan. 23 City Council - Workshop
The Land Use Plan workshop item postponed to the Jan. 18 City Council meeting, due to weather, is rescheduled to the Tuesday, Jan. 23 City Council meeting, starting at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall. 
May 2 Land Use Advisory Committee Meeting #1 with Planning & Zoning Commission (See video of the May 2 meeting)
May 7 Land Use Advisory Committee Meeting #2 with Planning & Zoning Commission (See video of the May 7 meeting
Summer 2018 City Council Workshop & Public Hearing (date and time of Public Hearing will be published at least 15 days before the meeting).

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