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Youth Sports Associations

  1. The policy for use of City of Sugar Land Park and Recreational facilities is composed of procedures, regulations, and guidelines designed to ensure that all facilities are utilized in a safe and efficient manner. The City of Sugar Land develops and maintains park and recreational facilities to serve the residents of Sugar Land.

    Priority use of athletic facilities is reserved for associations requiring the ongoing, scheduled use of a facility to provide a recreational service or to meet a community recreational need. Sports Association, as defined for the purpose of this document, is a non-profit organization that conducts its own affairs within the framework of policies established by the City of Sugar Land.

    Groups other than Sports Associations are encouraged to utilize park facilities. Groups or individuals must be go through a reservation process with the City of Sugar Land Parks and Recreation Department to use any reserved use field space. Contact 281-275-2885 or for more information on field rentals.

    All Organizations will be required to submit written requests for use of facilities to the Parks and Recreation Department at least thirty (30) days prior to the beginning of any anticipated facility use.

    Please provide the required documents and information below. All information is required in order to complete this form and to use City of Sugar Land facilities. Failure to do so may result in termination of Recognized Sports Association status and loss of priority use of the facility.
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    Download and complete the following fillable PDF forms. These are part of required documentation and must be uploaded on this form as attachments.

    List of Board of Directors
    List of Association Members or Representatives with Keys
    Waiver of Liability and Agreement to Hold Harmless
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    Documents must be in PDF format.
  4. Association's City Liaison
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