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Neighborhood Registration

  1. Please note:
    Registration should only be made by HOA board members, neighborhood representatives, or neighborhood leaders.
  2. Groups eligible for registration
  3. Homeowners Association (HOA)
    An HOA is formed by a developer and pertains to a specific subdivision or project. HOAs are created under restrictive covenants recorded in the Real Property Records of Fort Bend County. HOA membership is generally mandatory through rules tied to the ownership of property like deed restrictions. HOAs often own and maintain common property, such as recreational facilities, parks, and roads.
  4. Neighborhood Association (NA)
    NAs are generally based on the needs and desires of its residents’ section of the city with a common identity. NAs are not homeowner associations and membership is typically voluntary or informal, with activities that typically focus on general advocacy and community events. In some cases, NAs exist simultaneously with HOAs, and each may not encompass identical boundaries.
  5. Recognized Community Group
    An organized group of residents that is in a neighborhood without an HOA or NA.
  6. Type of Group*
  7. Geographic Boundaries
    Confirm the geographic boundaries of your neighborhood. List road names (if a road name changes partway through the street, please list both names) or geographic features (lake, stream, etc.) that best define your boundaries.
  8. Neighborhood Representative
  9. i.e. President, Social Chair, etc.
  10. Can be HOA office number or phone number for your management company.
  11. Can be HOA office number or phone number for your management company.
  12. If available.
  13. Acknowledgement*
    The information submitted will be visible to the public on the City of Sugar Land's Neighborhood Resource Map and Neighborhood Directory.
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