Does Sugar Land have zoning?

Yes, all properties within Sugar Land city limits must be placed in a zoning district, which ensures compatibility between uses (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.), prevents nuisances, and protects value of property. The City of Sugar Land is divided, or zoned, into thirteen (13) standard zoning districts and multiple planned development (PD) districts. Each standard zoning district has development regulations that are located in Chapter 2, Zoning Regulations of the City’s Development Code. Access the official zoning map online under “Zoning Districts” at

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1. What is zoning?
2. Does Sugar Land have zoning?
3. What is the Hill Area Residential (HR-1) zoning district?
4. What is the Standard Single-Family Residential (R-1) zoning district?
5. What is the difference between the HR-1 and R-1 Zoning Districts?
6. What happens if my property is rezoned from HR-1 to R-1?