Conflict of Interest Questionnaire

Filling Out a Conflict of Interest (CIQ) Form

  1. Download the CIQ form
  2. Name the person doing business with the city
  3. Check the box if you are filing an update to a previously file questionnaire
  4. Name each employee or contractor of the city who makes recommendation to a city officer with respect to expenditures of money and describe the affiliation or business relationship
  5. If no affiliation or business relationship exists, state "None"
  6. Name each city officer who appoints or employs the city officers for whom this questionnaire is filed and describe the affiliation or business relationship
  7. If no affiliation or business relationship exists, state "None"
  8. Name of city officer with whom you have an affiliation or business relationship. For each person listed under Question #4, complete page 2. If answers to A, B, and C are no, indicate the name of the city official, but do not complete section D
  9. Sign and date this form and submit to City of Sugar Land Purchasing Office via fax, in person or by mail (contact information below) or submit form electronically through City of Sugar Land Online Vendor Registration

When to Submit a CIQ Form

The questionnaire must be filed on the seventh business day after the person:
  • Begins contract negotiations with the city
  • Submits to the city an application, response to a request for proposal or bid, or similar document for a potential city agreement
Unless a person has previously filed a questionnaire between June 1 and September 1, the person must file an updated questionnaire by September 1 of that year if contract negotiations with the city are pending or the person’s response for a potential agreement is pending.

The person must also file an updated questionnaire any time an event makes the previously filed questionnaire incomplete or inaccurate.

Please Note

  • Any information you provide or that is provided by a City of Sugar Land Officer concerning you or your business under Chapter 176 is public information.
  • Any information provided by the City of Sugar Land is for informational purposes only. If you have concerned about whether Chapter 176 of the Texas Local Government Code applies to you or the manner in which you must comply, you should consult an attorney or contact your state senator or state representative.