Fire Hydrant System

Ensuring Reliable Fire Suppression

Sugar Land’s Code of Ordinances ensures that communities within the city’s corporate limits have an adequate supply of water to fight fires. Unlike rural areas lacking a developed water infrastructure, Sugar Land’s extensive system of storage facilities, water lines, and fire hydrants ensures an adequate and reliable supply of water for fire suppression.

Water from 12 ground storage tanks and 4 elevated storage tanks is delivered through 317 miles of water distribution mains that connect to 2,415 fire hydrants. Fire hydrants are required to fit standard hoses and must be placed every 500 feet in residential developments or 300 feet in commercial developments.

Both the water system and hydrants are inspected and maintained on a regular basis by city personnel and contractors. The integrity of the system - including adequate operation and pressure - is ensured through annual inspections, service and maintenance.

Hydrant Maintenance

The city’s Hydrant Maintenance Program targets operational readiness and covers the following items:
  • Annual Inspection: Hydrants are checked for the correct locations and inspected for any deficiencies (missing caps, obstructions, etc.). Problems that may hinder the operation of the hydrant are noted and addressed.
  • Service: Inspectors operate isolation valves, lubricate and check the operation of hydrants. They are painted, if necessary.
  • Repairs: If any major problems are detected, field supervisors are notified to ensure a work order is immediately issued.
  • If at any time a hydrant is placed out-of-service, an out-of-service marker must be installed, and Sugar Land emergency dispatch is notified.

As part of Sugar Land’s rating as a superior public water supply, the city meets or exceeds the minimum water system capacity requirements, operations and maintenance required by the state of Texas.