Hiring Process

Step 1

All candidates must complete and submit an application online.

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Step 2

Effective October 1, 2021 in accordance with General Order #01-12 R4

On test date, successfully pass the written exam, initial screening interview and physical readiness testing. 

The Sugar Land Police Department utilizes a 2,000 meter rowing test on the Concept 2 Rower to assess the physical readiness of police officers / recruits.  When performed at a person's best effort, the 2,000-meter Concept 2 Rower test result provides a good estimation of a person's VO2max, a measurement of how much oxygen your body is capable of utilizing in one minute.  The Texas Department of Public Safety used data points collected from 1962 to the present in VO2max lab tests using an indoor rower to create an age, weight, and gender formula chart to evaluate performance on the 2,000 meter rowing test.  

Applicants aspiring to join the Sugar Land Police Department are required to complete a 2,000 meter row achieving a minimum standard of the 25 percentile based on their age, weight, and gender, using the aforementioned Texas Department of Public Safety formula chart.

A certified administrator will administer all row tests. To determine your minimum standard for a passing 25%, visit the Texas Department of Public Safety website and follow the steps below:

  • select your gender, age range, and weight under the “Inputs” section
  • under the "Desired Results" section, type in "25" for the percentage
  • click "Calculate"
  • you must achieve that time or faster to pass the Concept 2 Rower test

For guidance on proper row form and technique, reference this video from Concept 2.

Due to the length of testing, snacks will be permitted. Breaks will be given between segments of testing.

Step 3

Contingent upon passing the exams, you will complete a preliminary interview and be scheduled to attend the oral review board. The personal history statement and background packet will then be provided to you.

Step 4

Successfully pass the oral review board.

Step 5

Successfully pass a background investigation.

Step 6

Successfully pass a polygraph examination.

Step 7

Interview with the Chief of Police.

Step 8 

Upon receiving a conditional job offer, you must pass medical and psychological testing.

Motorcycle Officers

If an applicant fails to complete any portion of the selection process, he or she will be immediately removed from consideration. Applicants who successfully complete each step will be placed in an eligibility pool.


Please review the information on the careers page. If you are unable to find the information you seek, please email Human Resources or contact the Human Resources office at 281-275-2792 or the Recruiting Division at 281-275-2914.

EEO — Drug and Tobacco Free Workplace.