Scout Projects

Project Assistance

The City of Sugar Land encourages Sugar Land Boy and Girl Scout participation and is happy to assist in the development of projects for ages 14-18 years old. The Parks and Recreation Department receives numerous requests annually for Scout volunteer projects. The department has established the following application form to assist an Eagle Scout or Gold Award Candidate contemplating a volunteer project in conjunction with the city. Please click on the GET INVOLVED link at the top of the page to complete application. 
Project Process
Please note that the Scout Candidate must be at least 14 years of age, allow a minimum of four months to the project completion deadline. (The City of Sugar Land does not accept projects with "emergency" deadlines due to a Scout's impending 18th birthday.) Projects are the scout’s responsibility and all contact should initiate from the scout not the parent.

Projects exist within City of Sugar Land’s parks and trails, and at various city facilities. Projects at any of these locations will be discussed and coordinated with the Parks and Recreation Department after filling out the application form and receiving confirmation and appointment directions. The current project list will be reviewed at this meeting with the Eagle Scout candidate and project mentor or parent.
Step 1. Complete online application with project information (if available)
Step 2. Receive email confirmation of application acceptance
Step 3. Follow directions sent to schedule initial appointment

Projects Guidelines

It is recommended that scouts look around their neighborhoods and identify projects that could be completed. Please select projects that will have a lasting effect on the community and not require a lot of upkeep from the city.

Eagle Scout and Gold Award Projects are available on a first-come basis through the following means:
  • Staff Generated Projects - Parks Department staff generates a list of projects every year, which are available to scouts to take on as their Eagle Award Projects.
  • Scout Proposal - The department welcomes and encourages project proposals from Scouts seeking their Eagle Award. The feasibility of project proposals will be judged on a case by- case basis to determine whether or not the project is a need or benefit to the city and the community, and falls within city guidelines.
Potential Projects
  • Cullinan Park projects-trail markers, trail map, bat boxes, fishing string recycling containers, trail bridge, trail work.
  • Animal Services
  • Trails: Trail construction and trails maintenance / rehabilitation (Riverpark Parks, Sugar Land Memorial Park)
  • Build/rebuild fences at Memorial Park
  • Duhacsek Nature trail clearing
  • Trash barrel frame construction Colony Bend Park
  • Trash / debris clean up and brush clearing/ organize an event clean up
  • Habitat - Bat / owl / duck boxes
  • Invasive /non-native vegetation removal Oyster Creek Park and Trail
  • BMX track maintenance / grading
  • Trail pothole repair with decomposed granite
  • Keep Sugar Land Beautiful Projects
For questions please contact Community Outreach by email or 281-275-2329