Lead and Copper Rule Revisions

The Environmental Protection Agency has recently released updated guidelines for lead and copper monitoring for public drinking water providers throughout the country. The new guidelines, known as Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR), require water systems to prepare an inventory of service line materials by October 2024. 

The service line is the piping that connects the home or business to the water main. The city and the property owner share ownership of the service line. The city owns the portion from the main to the water meter, including the water meter. The property owner is responsible for the portion from the meter to the point it enters the home or business, as well as all the plumbing in the home or building. 

Graphic of a water service line showing dividing line of homeowner and city responsibilities

Under the new LCRR requirements, the city must identify service lines, including both the city-owned portion and the customer-owned portion, which might contain lead. Currently, there are no known lead service lines in Sugar Land’s water systems. However, efforts to identify the service line material for each service line connecting to the city’s water systems are ongoing. The Lead Service Line Inventory will be completed by October 2024 and will be made available to the public on the city’s website. 

For more information about lead and Sugar Land’s efforts to keep lead out of our customer’s water, read the FAQs below.