Providing a sustainable and dedicated revenue source for operating the City's Stormwater Management Program.

The approved Fiscal Year 2023 city budget includes a Stormwater Compliance Fee. The purpose of the fee is to pay for stormwater related activities. The State and Federal governments require municipalities to implement best management practices that reduce stormwater pollution to the maximum extent practicable. Our stormwater related activities are considered unfunded mandates. Unfunded mandates pass down standards and regulations from the State and Federal governments but do not come with the necessary appropriations or funding. To remain in compliance with these mandates, the Stormwater Compliance Fee will fund pollution prevention measures, community education, drainage system operations and maintenance, and other activities to control the quality of water discharged to the City’s storm drains and waterways.

More on the Stormwater Compliance Fee:

  • The average resident will pay about $3 per month or about $36 per year.
  • More than 100 Texas cities use such a fee to fund citizen priorities. Thirty-two of the 40 cities with populations greater than 100,000 have storm water fees.
  • The fee will be implemented during fiscal year 2023 after extensive community education and outreach as well as discussion with City Council.
  • City drainage charges are assessed on utility bills and pay for solutions to flooding, erosion and water pollution.

Find My Stormwater Compliance Fee Tool

Check out our "Find My Stormwater Compliance Fee" tool to see what your projected Stormwater Compliance Fee will be beginning in January 2023.

Strengthening the city's financial position for an uncertain future

Sugar Land is a leader in financial management, providing taxpayers with exceptional value, confidence and transparency. Our residents continue to show increased satisfaction with the value for tax dollars they receive - well above state and national averages - according to our 2020 Citizen Satisfaction Survey.

Strong leadership and strategic financial planning has lessened the impact of economic swings associated with sales tax - a major revenue stream for the city, and one that is highly volatile and difficult to forecast. To stay relevant and preserve the quality of life for current and future residents, strategic outcomes identified by City Council identify a vision for future success.

The goal is to be financially sustainable and sound in the long term, and we strive to implement any necessary increases in a planned, methodical manner. The Stormwater Compliance Fee provides a more equitable funding tool that is transparent, consistent and equitable.

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