Is AMI secure?

City of Sugar Land is committed to safeguarding customer privacy. All water consumption data is encrypted and stored securely in a cloud data center. Meters do not transmit customer account numbers, names, or other personal information. Data transmitted from the meter to the portal is transmitted through a radiofrequency channel that is licensed to the City.

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1. What is Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)?
2. How does Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) benefit residents?
3. Why is Sugar Land switching to Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)?
4. How will AMI enable me to access my water usage data?
5. Will I continue to have access to my meter box after AMI is installed?
6. Will I be notified before AMI installation work begins in my neighborhood?
7. What can I expect on AMI installation day?
8. Is AMI secure?
9. Are radio frequencies emitted from AMI meters safe?