Who is affected by the implementation of Atlas 14?

Areas of new development and re-development located next to Oyster Creek in the floodplain area could see an increment in the minimum required finish floor elevations. Redevelopment of properties located in levee-protected areas may need to build at a higher elevation if the original finish floor elevation did not comply with the minimum elevation requirements of the Levee District engineer.

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1. What is Atlas 14?
2. Why is it necessary to adopt the Atlas 14 rainfall frequency values?
3. Who is affected by the implementation of Atlas 14?
4. What is coincidental ponding?
5. Are homes built to the new standards going to produce flooding in adjacent properties?
6. What is the City doing to mitigate the impact of increased rainfall frequencies?
7. How do I find out what areas of town will be affected?
8. Is my flood insurance rate going to increase?
9. Is my home at a higher risk of flooding?