Does the City have a policy about replacing trees that are removed?

The Development Code requires trees to be replaced when removed IF they qualify as a Protected Tree under the definition in the Development Code.  Protected Tree means a hardwood tree having a minimum caliper size of 8 inches or greater, as measured 4½ feet above ground level. Otherwise, if trees are removed from private property and the removal of those trees takes the property out of compliance with the Development Code landscaping regulations in Chapter 2, then the City would have recourse to require replanting to comply with the landscaping requirements in Chapter 2.

Regarding trees within the right-of-way, the City does not have a policy regarding the replacement of trees.  In most cases, trees located in the right-of-way are owned and maintained by the adjacent property owner.  They have the sole discretion on choosing to replace a tree that is removed from the right-of-way. Trees along State-owned ROW’s are maintained by the City and are replaced, budget dependent, if they are removed.

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