Will this impact my home value?

At this time, there is no immediate concern with the Brazos River. However, the amount and rate of erosion will vary any given year as it depends on several factors. A few of these include:

  • frequency of rain events
  • magnitude and duration of future flooding events
  • location of the erosion problem

Lack of planning and action could result in the potential of seeing property values impacted, increases in flood insurance rates, and the inclusion of some areas in the floodplain zone. One of the goals of the study is to develop plans to address the issue and reduce future risk to nearby areas.

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1. Will this impact my home value?
2. If I’m not in the flood plain, why should I worry about this?
3. What methodology is the City using to study the Brazos River erosion?
4. Who are the stakeholders and partners of the study?