What are Regional Activity Centers (RAC)?
  • Regional Activity Centers (RAC) are new or redeveloped commercial areas that will serve as destinations for both the city and region. These areas will be developed to vertically integrate various land uses such as commercial and retail buildings, educational and health care facilities, civic buildings, and a residential component. It's important the uses complement each other and the highest and best use of the land. Other qualities found in a RAC are varied building heights from low-rise to mid-ride, structured parking, street-level stores, pedestrian and bicycle friendly, and public spaces that can be used at various times of the day for various purposes.
  • The City of Sugar Land's Land Use Plan designates these five (5) locations as RAC:
    • Sugar Land Town Center
    • Lake Pointe
    • University Boulevard
    • Imperial
    • Sugar Creek Triangle

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6. What are Regional Activity Centers (RAC)?
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