Why is redistricting needed?

Redistricting is triggered by changes in population such as the release of new Census figures, annexation, etc. The 2020 Census triggered the need for a redistricting process.

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1. What is redistricting?
2. Why is redistricting needed?
3. Who requires redistricting?
4. Does redistricting affect decisions regarding land-use such as apartments?
5. Will redistricting affect school district boundaries?
6. Will any city services be eliminated, changed or affected in some way?
7. How can I stay updated on the process as it moves forward?
8. What is a single-member Council district?
9. How many single-member Council districts are in Sugar Land?
10. Will current Council members lose their seats on Council due to redistricting?
11. Who will create the new districts?
12. Who approves the new districts?
13. How is the public included during the process?