Why are we going through an update of the development code?

The City of Sugar Land is actively working on enhancing our community's quality of life through the implementation of new mixed-use zoning regulations. Amending the development code to allow for mixed-use areas within the City is an action step included in the Land Use Plan to accomplish this goal. These regulations are a direct response to the long-term shifts in market demands and demographic trends, as well as the desires expressed by our residents during the Land Use Plan update in 2018. These regulations aim to create vibrant Activity Centers that integrate offices, housing, retail, entertainment, and civic uses, providing spaces where people can gather outside of work, school, and their homes. With the introduction of two new mixed-use zoning districts, we strive to bridge the gap between residential and commercial land uses. 

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1. Why do we need to redevelop/reinvest?
2. What does Community Reinvestment mean?
3. What does redevelopment mean?
4. Why can't we annex more land to grow the city?
5. I don't want apartments in Sugar Land. What other types of housing will be allowed with this redevelopment plan?
6. What are Regional Activity Centers (RAC)?
7. If we develop regional activity centers, how will the City ensure business occupancy rates stay up?
8. When you say more people, how many more people do we need?
9. What is the City doing to ensure infrastructure can support any new developments?
10. What is the Land Use Plan?
11. What is mixed-use zoning and what does the Land Use Plan say about it?
12. Is there public support for mixed-use zoning?
13. Why are we going through an update of the development code?
14. Are you looking to change the entire development code?
15. How many activity centers are there and where are they located?
16. What does the mixed-use zoning code aim to do?
17. How long will this process take?
18. We have rules for a reason. Why do these need to be changed now?
19. How large are activity centers compared to the rest of Sugar Land?