What is the Land Use Plan?

The Land Use Plan is a guiding document that outlines policy direction and guidance for development, redevelopment and land use decisions. The plan is not a regulating document. The Land Use Plan furthers the Comprehensive Plan’s overall vision and sets out a specific land use vision and goals for the city and outlines actions that will achieve those goals to ensure Sugar Land continues to thrive.

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1. What is the Land Use Plan?
2. What is mixed-use zoning and what does the Land Use Plan say about it?
3. Is there public support for mixed-use zoning?
4. Why are we going through an update of the development code?
5. Are you looking to change the entire development code?
6. What is an activity center?
7. How many activity centers are there and where are they located?
8. What does the mixed-use zoning code aim to do?
9. How long will this process take?
10. We have rules for a reason. Why do these need to be changed now?
11. How large are activity centers compared to the rest of Sugar Land?