decision-making that
optimizes and improves services,
fosters trust and transparency,
enhances our quality of life,
and transforms our city.

The City of Sugar Land is on a path to become a data-driven decision-making organization. As part of this pursuit, the City is committed to achieving the What Works Cities (WWC) certification. WWC certification is consistent with the City’s commitment to ensure the effective and efficient use of every tax dollar we are trusted with as we seek to create a life better than our residents can even image. 

What is the What Works Cities Certification?

The What Works Cities Certification program was introduced by Bloomberg Philanthropies to acknowledge and honor local governments for outstanding utilization of data to inform policy decisions, allocate funding, enhance services, assess program effectiveness, and engage residents. 

The WWC certification establishes a standard of excellence that shows how investing in data and evidence-based practices can yield concrete and fair outcomes for communities. Certification is earned through completion of a rigorous process evaluating eight key foundational areas.

Why is Sugar Land pursuing this certification?

Using data to optimize the effective and efficient delivery of city services is not new to us - but a commitment that we hold ourselves accountable to every single day.

Sugar Land's journey towards WWC certification provides a path for the city to further cement itself as a data-driven decision-making organization - ensuring that decisions that impact our community are objective, evidence-based, and properly aligned with needs and priorities.

What's the benefit of data-driven decision-making?

Here's a few examples:

  • Data will help us evaluate, streamline, and optimize city services and processes; ensuring residents are getting top value for their tax dollar, 
  • Data will help us identify potential issues and enhance our ability to proactively plan for, and prevent such issues from even occurring, 
  • Data will point us to areas in need of improvement, enabling us to allocate resources strategically, and provide services in ways that exceed our resident’s expectations;
  • Data helps us identify opportunities for business partnerships and expansion, explore potential investment opportunities, and create an environment conducive to innovation, entrepreneurship, and job creation. 


towards the future

Our focus on data-driven decision-making is another example of how we are trailblazing towards the future, relentless in our pursuit of good so that our residents and employees can enjoy a life better than they can even imagine.

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