Municipal Debt

With the second lowest tax rate in the state for cities over 60,000 in population and a “AAA” bond rating – the highest possible – from Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Ratings, the City of Sugar Land is recognized for its financial stewardship across the state and nation.  Our financial success and aggressive repayment schedules benefit residents by ensuring our tax dollars can go farther by borrowing funds at the lowest possible interest rates as we complete public infrastructure projects to protect the high-quality of life important to Sugar Land residents.  

Used only when needed capital projects cannot be funded prudently from current revenues or fund balances, this method of financing also helps to ensure inter-generational equity by spreading payments for assets and infrastructure over their useful lives - similar to taking out a mortgage to purchase a home you intend to live in for a long time.  This means that residents today are not responsible for paying for the full cost of a project that will continue to benefit future residents decades in the future.  Debt financing is never used to fund operating expenses.

Looking to increase citizen engagement, increase transparency and accountability is more important today than ever. The links below highlight how the city is making technological investments into making these efforts more visible and accessible to residents and investors. If you have any questions, please contact our Director of Finance, Jennifer Brown at or 281-275-2744.

Investor Relations

For more detailed information on the City's current bond offerings, please visit our bond website:

Bond Ratings

  S&P Fitch Moody's
Utility Revenue AA AA -
SL4B A+ - Aa3
SLDC A+ - A1