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1. What is chloramine?
2. What is free chlorine?
3. What is a free chlorine conversion?
4. What is the purpose and/or benefit of a free chlorine conversion?
5. Are free chlorine conversions a common practice among water systems?
6. How long will the free chlorine conversion last?
7. Does the free chlorine conversion pose any health risks? Will the water be safe to drink and use?
8. Will my water taste or smell different during the free chlorine conversion?
9. Are free chlorine and chloramines harmful for dialysis patients?
10. Why all the flushing?
11. Could I see a drop in water pressure due to hydrant flushing in my area?
12. Can hydrant flushing in my area cause cloudiness or sediment in my water?
13. Will pool owners need to treat water differently?
14. What does this mean for aquarium and pond owners?
15. How can I remove chlorine from my water?
16. Is the free chlorine conversion associated with the coronavirus?
17. Is the free chlorine conversion a result of the water issues the city experienced during the winter storm in February?
18. Where can I learn more about drinking water disinfection and free chlorine conversions?