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1. When does Republic Services begin providing garbage and recycling collection in Greatwood?
2. What if I did not make a cart selection during the selection timeframe?
3. Will I be able to change my cart size in the future?
4. Do I have to pay for the new carts?
5. Why is the transition in service providers taking place?
6. What days will my garbage and recycling by collected?
7. What collection programs will I receive from Republic Services?
8. What should I do with my personal garbage cart once we transition to Republic Services?
9. What will happen to my Best Trash recycle cart once we transition to Republic Services?
10. Is household hazardous waste (HHW) and electronics collection available?
11. How do I report a missed collection?
12. Where am I supposed to store the carts?
13. What do I do if my Best Trash cart has been damaged or is missing?
14. Do I need to bag my garbage and recycling for service by Best Trash?
15. How will Best Trash collect large items such as furniture and appliances?
16. Can I get an additional recycling cart?