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1. What happened?
2. How did this happen?
3. Who is affected by this incident?
4. Is Sugar Land the only City impacted by this issue with CentralSquare?
5. Does the City take other payments besides water?
6. Should I withhold my next payment until y’all figure this out?
7. What other entities were breached? Maybe my property tax payment?
8. Why did I receive a notification from the City?
9. I received a notification from the City about a security incident. Does this mean someone has misused or will misuse my information?
10. What information of mine was involved?
11. Was my Social Security number involved?
12. Was my driver’s license number involved?
13. Was my payment card information involved?
14. Was my bank account information involved?
15. As a result of this incident, will I become a victim of identity theft?
16. Why was there a delay in notification of this incident?
17. What is the City doing in light of this incident?
18. How do I know if my information was involved in this incident?
19. What can I do to protect myself?
20. Why did I not receive a notice about this incident?