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No Solicitation Registration

  1. The City of Sugar Land has adopted an ordinance regulating door-to-door salesmen, peddlers and solicitors. This ordinance allows residents to register for the City’s No Solicitation List. It is unlawful for any person engaged in residential door-to-door selling or soliciting to enter upon a property included on this list.

    By filling out this form and providing your name and address you advise the City of Sugar Land, Texas that Peddlers and Solicitors are not welcome and that their entry on property at the provided address is forbidden. You intend that violators be prosecuted for criminal trespass. You request that applicants for Peddlers and Solicitors licenses and Registrants engaged in Interstate Commerce be so notified by the City of Sugar Land.

    If you have any questions about this form, please contact the Permits & Inspections Department at 281-275-2270.
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