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City Hall Tour Request

  1. Please note:
    • This form is required for all parties seeking to schedule tours of City Hall
    • The form needs to be submitted at least 3 weeks before the requested date.
    • Please note that City Hall tours are provided for individuals age 8 and older.
    • Staff will contact you within 2 business days of form submission to begin scheduling your tour. 
    • City Hall Tours are scheduled based on City Council (if requested) and staff's availability, but will take into account your requested date and time, when possible.
    • Sugar Land City Hall Tours will include a tour of the first floor of City Hall, as well as a presentation on the robust history of Sugar Land.
  2. City Hall tours are available to reserve on the first and third Tuesdays of every month.

  3. Would you like to visit with the Mayor or Council Member?

    Please note this may affect your desired tour date as it will be scheduled around the Mayor or Council Member’s availability.

  4. Is your group also requesting to attend a City Council meeting after the tour has concluded?
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