Does Animal Services provide traps for nuisance animals and/or wildlife?

Yes, we do provide traps. Our traps are live humane traps used for cats running at large and nuisance wildlife. Traps are available for 10 business days on a first come, first serve basis. Traps may be set from Sunday evening through 3 p.m. Friday and must be shut down for the weekends and holidays. Traps will be delivered to your doorstep with instructions on the rules, what to bait it with, and how to set it. If you choose to use your own trap you are subject to the same rules. To prevent injury to yourself, others and the animals please call Animal Services to relocate or impound Animals caught in traps. Some animals are illegal to transport per the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, including the transportation of raccoons which is a class C misdemeanor.

Though you may think the animal is a nuisance, it is a living creature and failure to provide shade, removal of trap in inclement weather, not contacting Animal Services in a reasonable time, or death to an animal in a trap can be construed as cruelty which is a felony offense.

Trapping should be a last resort for wildlife! Nature loves a vacuum. Removing the animal will just provide the opportunity for another to take its place. To solve the problem, the food source, shelter and water need to be removed or you will just get a replacement.

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