Was there any citizen input for this strategic project?

In 2014, the City Council began developing measures of success for each Mid-Term Priority. This process began the development of the City Council Goal Measures. By 2015 the City Council formally adopted 30 Goal Measures by Resolution. Our representative body has been heavily engaged throughout this process, but staff took citizen involvement to the next level in 2016 with the formation of citizen focus groups. The focus groups were included in the dashboard review process and were comprised of various civic organizations including: Homeowners Association Members, Citizen’s Police Academy Alumni, and Sugar Land 101 Alumni.

Citizen involvement does not stop at the focus groups. The Goal Measures Dashboard has a feedback feature where visitors to the website are free to comment and ask questions about the dashboard directly to staff.

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1. Where does the information in the actual, target and results fields come from?
2. Was there any citizen input for this strategic project?
3. How are Mid-Term Priorities and Goal Measures related?
4. Why are we not using an average response time?
5. Why is 100% not our goal?
6. How is the city held accountable for these scores?
7. Why did council choose the 5 mid-term priorities?
8. How often are the measures evaluated/updated?
9. As a resident, why is this important to me?