How can I report a streetlight outage?
Regular street light outage:
  • Obtain the pole number. It is a six-digit number that starts with a three, a four or a five, and the number faces the street. For example, 442691.
  • You can report it directly to CenterPoint Energy by using their online form or by calling the Public Works Department at 281-275-2450.
Decorative street light (black with decorative globes) outage:
  • For those that are in the First Colony area (not on State Highway 6), please call the First Colony Community Association (FCCA) at 281-634-9500.
  • For those on state highways, including Eldridge Road, U.S. Highway 90A and State Highway 6, please contact CenterPoint Energy to the Public Works Department at 281-275-2450 to report the problem.

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