Why is multi-family permitted here?

This proposal aligns with the City Council approved 2018 Land Use Plan which identifies this area as part of a Regional Activity Center. A Regional Activity Center is an area located along regional highways to ensure that more intense uses are separated from single-family residential areas. The Regional Activity Center calls for a variety of land uses such as office, retail, commercial services, and multi-family residential.

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1. Is this a city-led project?
2. Where is this zoning application in the process?
3. How many units are being proposed?
4. Why is multi-family permitted here?
5. What type of non-residential or commercial uses will be permitted here?
6. How is parking being addressed?
7. How will this impact our public schools?
8. How are traffic and drainage being handled?
9. How would this development impact the overall ratio of multi-family as outline in the Land Use Plan?
10. Has the City ever received a proposal for multi-family along Sugar Creek Center Blvd?
11. What is a Planned Development (PD) District?
12. What does the school impact analysis study show?
13. What is the current zoning designation for this property?