How will this affect me and my property?

If approved by City Council, your property would change in zoning from Standard Single-Family Residential (R-1) to Zero Lot Line Single-Family Residential (R-1Z). This means your property will follow R-1Z building regulations when making improvements on your property.

The properties in your neighborhood were platted (subdivided) as zero-lot line residential, which are also known as patio homes. This means these lots have different setbacks and house placement standards from other single-family subdivisions. The City of Sugar Land has a dedicated zoning district, R-1Z Zero Lot Line Single-Family, for subdivisions platted similarly to your neighborhood. Therefore, the R-1Z zoning district is more appropriate for your neighborhood and will be consistent with the layout of the neighborhood, the existing plat, and deed restrictions.

The existing Standard Single-Family Residential (R-1) zoning classification prevents building on the zero lot line due to minimum side yard spacing requirements. The change in zoning will allow property owners to build on the zero-lot line if all other R-1Z requirements are met.

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1. How will this affect me and my property?
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