When will all the "redevelopments" proposed in the Plan be built?

This is a long term plan looking out 25-30 years. There is no expectation that all or any of the areas identified for redevelopment will occur within that timeframe.   The Plan provides a series of guiding principles that will be utilized by staff, Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council to make the best decisions when future proposals are introduced by the private development community.

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1. What is the Land Use Plan?
2. What is a Comprehensive Plan?
3. If a proposed development follows the guidelines in the Land Use Plan, does that mean it will automatically get approved and no one can oppose it?
4. How does the Land Use Plan address developments’ impact on schools?
5. When will all the "redevelopments" proposed in the Plan be built?
6. What is an Activity Center?
7. How does the updated Land Use Plan strengthen guidance on multi-family housing? How does the new guidance on multi-family compare to the guidance in the prior Land Use Plan?
8. If a regional activity center is built on Tract 5, University Boulevard & US 59 by Smart Financial Centre- will Ditch H be able to handle the run-off? Will Telfair flood because of this development?