Have residents been able to provide ideas?

Opportunities for participation in the planning included stakeholder meetings, statistically valid resident survey, public open houses and input gathered from Online Town Hall. Residents were encouraged to provide their input through notices in the Sugar Land Today publication, E-news Blasts, social media, and print media.  The option to further comment was  available online in conjunction with the posted Draft Master Plan.  The public also had  the opportunity to speak at public hearings at the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council meetings when the Plan was  on the Agenda for recommendation and approval.

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1. What is the Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Master Plan and Why is the plan being updated?
2. What is a Comprehensive Plan?
3. What is the PARCS Board’s role?
4. Have residents been able to provide ideas?
5. Can I find the survey results and Online Town Hall summaries on the City’s website?
6. What is the purpose of a Master Plan?
7. Are Greatwood and New Territory considered in the Master Plan?
8. When will the proposed improvements identified in the plan be implemented or built?
9. How were the projects prioritized in Chapter 6? Who made the decision?
10. Does the Master Plan address the high utilization of the T.E. Harman Center?
11. Does the Master Plan consider wildlife protection and nature preservation?
12. Do the budget cuts in the City’s Fiscal Year 2018 budget have an effect on the Plan implementation?